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Photo/Video Memories make great Gifts !!

DVD's containing photos and video can add to any special occasion.

Spice up your presentation of an event by showing guests a trip down memory lane.

Then give the special DVD as a gift. We can even make you cheap copies for other guests.

Weddings and Engagements Transfer your personal memories of your special day to create a special DVD. Create another DVD you can give to guests as a thank-you. Tech Media Creations wedding and engagement DVDs
Special Birthdays 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th etc Tech Media Creations special birthday DVDs
Sporting Events and Achievements Create a DVD of your great sporting achievements. Create extra copies for the other members of your team. Tech Media Creations sporting events DVDs

We can either put together the whole DVD or work with you to reduce the cost.

Note: if you are scanning photos, please ensure the resolution is high enough to produce a clear photo. Contact us if you are unsure.

To aid in the planning of the DVD presentation, have a look at our handy forms - Click Here

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